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Tilda Comstock
Founder, Principal
Comstock Communications, Inc

As principal of Comstock Communications, I've had the privilege of working with some of the most highly regarded companies in Pittsburgh. My passion as a communications professional is to help companies harness complex information and translate their business objectives into real messages that resonate with key audiences. I've devoted my career to developing and implementing internal and external communications initiatives that build consensus, engage employees and communities, encourage collaboration, and meet business objectives. I'm a strategic thinker who loves working with teams to lead an organization from where it is — to where it needs to be for greater productivity and relevance. I value team work, diverse perspectives, collaboration, and above all, authenticity.

I began my career in broadcast news and worked as a reporter and news director for several radio and television stations throughout Pennsylvania. My start in the news industry was instrumental in creating the foundation for my career in public relations, and I learned skills as a reporter that benefit me daily as a communications professional.

From news, I transitioned into health care public relations as a media specialist for St. Francis Medical Center and promotions specialist for Hospital Shared Services/Hospital Council of Western Pennsylvania. Throughout my career in health care PR, which later included communications consulting for Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, I worked closely with health care executives, physicians, and other medical staff to identify and implement community-oriented communications, such as educational newsletters, Web copy, and press releases announcing key medical advancements and general health news.

Before launching Comstock Communications in January 1999, I was vice president and manager of communications for the Regional Consumer Bank of PNC Bank Corporation, where I managed communications for new business ventures and consumer banking services. In addition, I was manager of media relations for Mellon Bank Corporation, where I worked with local, regional, and national news media, and served as liaison between the media and the bank's executive leadership team. My experience in financial services focused on developing communications strategies for key corporate announcements, mergers/acquisitions, consumer banking services, and various change initiatives that affected employees, shareholders, and customers.

I received my bachelor of science degree from Ohio University's School of Journalism and am a member of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC).



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